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An Invitation to all Qualified Psychologists Worldwide

Natural and man-made disasters experienced world over have taught us many lessons including the pressing need to introduce Professional Standards for Counselling, Psychotherapy, and other Humanitarian Services. In certain instances reports were published regarding how those without appropriate knowledge and training have led others to needless confusion and further damage which could have been prevented.

We are happy to announce that the Institute of Professional Psychologists is now coming forward as an International Professional Body where qualified and trained Psychologists could interact with colleagues worldwide and serve as a forum for dissemination of knowledge and promote standards of professional excellence in the field of Psychology.

The objects for which the INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS is established are: 

(a) To provide its Members with a Professional Body which will act on their behalf to further and protect their interest. 

(b) To identify and promote appropriate standards for the practice of Psychotherapy and the supervision of its membership. 

(c) To keep and publish a Register of Members which may include their qualifications and appropriate experience. 

(d) To establish a Code of Ethics for its Members. 

(e) To co-operate with any other organisation that has as its sole objective the furtherance of Psychotherapy as an ethical Profession. 

(f) To foster and promote research in the field of Psychology. 

(g) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any part of them. 

Membership Benefits Include -

  • An individual listing of Membership Directory available through website

  • Referrals,

  • Membership Certificate and Membership Card,

  • Annual Symposium,

  • Monthly Sessions,

  • Professional Standards,

  • International Accreditation,

  • Discounted rates for Members to follow Specialised Workshops,

  • Continuous Professional Development,


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Continuing Professional Education

The Institute of Professional Psychologists views continuing education as an essential activity for ensuring quality services for clients. By consistent participation in educational opportunities beyond the basic, entry-level professional degree, Psychologists are able to maintain and increase their proficiency in service delivery: New knowledge is acquired, skills are refined, professional attitudes are reinforced, and individual’s lives are changed.

Continuing education is a self-directed process, which requires Psychologists to assume responsibility for their own professional development. However, with the rapid growth of knowledge, coupled with the upsurge in continuing education opportunities for Psychologists IPP recognized the need for standards to guide and facilitate Psychologists’ involvement in continuing education.

The standards provide guidance to Psychologists who want to match their continuing education activities with professional expectations. The standards also serve as a resource to assist Psychologists in the selection and provision of continuing education. In light of these broad purposes, the standards are intended for use by individual practitioners, by providers of continuing education, and by administrators who have responsibility for Psychologists.

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Standards for CPE

It is expected that all members of IPP will adhere to the Standards for Continuing Professional Education, and it is hoped that the standards will stimulate the establishment of programs to recognize Psychologists for their commitment to continuing education. Most countries have established continuing education requirements for licensing, and some have taken steps to establish continuing education approval programs. These programs help ensure that continuing education offerings meet professional expectations for educational quality and breadth.


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Institute of Professional Psychologists
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Last Reviewed 04/04/2012