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News and Press Releases

Passing Away of Prof. Sir Anton Jayasuriya

It is with great sadness that we give notice of the passing of Prof. Sir Anton Jayasuriya.  Prof. Sir Anton Jayasuriya founded the Medicina Alternativa Institute in 1962, which he ran together with the Open University for Complementary Medicines, until his death on April the 6th. Prof. Sir Anton Jayasuriya was a person of great dedication that gave of his best to the practitioners of Alternative Medicine and its sciences and many philosophies. He gained many plaudits in his very active 75 years of life and will be sadly missed by many.

May his soul rest in peace!

The Cambridge Blue Book Man of the Year - 2005

The Council of Institute of Professional Psychologists wishes to extend its heartiest congratulations to the President of the IPP - Prof. Erantha De Mel on his recent achievement of being the Cambridge Blue Book Man of the Year.

This annual honour was awarded to him for his outstanding contribution to the field of Neuroscience & Cybernetics. As a practicing psychologist and researcher, in both psychology and parapsychology; he is engaged in extensive research in both fields. He is the founder of the psychological theories CTCT (Collaborative Techniques in Counselling and Therapy) and NOT (Neural Optimisation Technique).

He has many publications to his credit; such as

1. Framework for an Integrated Model of Collaborative Techniques in Counselling and Therapy (CTCT) - ISBN 955-1193-05-9

2. Psychology of the Next Generation: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research - ISBN 955-1193-06-7

3. Brain Re-engineering with Assertiveness Training - ISBN 955-1193-07-5

4. Brain Re-engineering through Neural Optimisation Technique - ISBN 955-1193-08-3

5. Principles & Practice of Neural Optimisation Technique - ISBN 955-1193-09-1

6. The Psychology of Consciousness - ISBN 955-1193-10-5

7. Mental States An analysis of Altered States of consciousness - ISBN 955-1193-00-8

8. The Secret Communication Processes of the Mind: A Visual Inquiry into the Mysteries of Consciousness - ISBN 955-1193-01-6

9. Trance: From Supernatural to Technology - ISBN 955-1193-02-4

10. The Natural Mind: A Revolutionary Approach to Psycho-somatic Disorders - ISBN 955-1193-03-2

11. Altered States of Consciousness: An Empirical Analysis for Behavioural Scientists - ISBN 955-1193-04-0


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