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Prof. Erantha De Mel




President's Message


The Institute of Professional Psychologists is a professional organization which represents the interests of all aspects of psychology worldwide and which promotes unity, coherence and a sense of identity across the diverse scientific and professional interests. The elected governing body represents various fields of psychology such as Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Applied Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, and Sports Psychology, to name a few.

IPP maintains strong liaisons with many North American, European, and international psychology organizations in order to share information on scientific and professional issues, and often to work for common standards. We are happy to announce that the Institute of Professional Psychologists is now coming forward as a professional body sans borders, where qualified and trained Psychologists could interact with colleagues worldwide and serve as a forum for dissemination of knowledge and promote standards of professional excellence in the field of Psychology. The different models for education and for defining standards require a co-operative review across countries in order to assure quality in the new world of increased globalization.

The institute provides its members the required opportunities to further their knowledge, skills, and professional competence. Belief in the clientís right to have knowledgeable and skillful assistance provides the basis for the Psychologistís participation in continuing education. A commitment to continuing education also is grounded in an ethical principle articulated in the IPP Code of Ethics: "Psychologists practice within their area of competence and develop and enhance their professional expertise." Continuing education further provides them with the opportunity to acquire new and necessary information; demonstrate a conscious self-directed and continuous effort toward personal and professional development; strengthen qualifications for professional licensure, certification, or registration; meet changing career demands; and explore new careers in Psychology.

A strong emphasis is also placed on internal and external IPP communications, member benefits, and on effective lobbying. The public good, individually and collectively, must always be the priority in evaluating and influencing change in the fields of science, education and practice.

On behalf of the Council and Staff of IPP, welcome to our Internet Home.

Prof. Erantha De Mel, Ph.D., D.Sc.


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