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For as long as mankind has existed, interpersonal psychology has been an important part of healing of one person by another. Holy men, witch doctors, faith healers and the like all probably relied on some kind of empathy with their clients to affect a 'cure', or the illusion of a cure.

Psychotherapy is the treatment of individuals with emotional problems, behavioral problems, or mental illnesses primarily through verbal communication. In most types of psychotherapy, a person discusses his or her problems one-to-one with a therapist. The therapist understands the person’s problems and helps the individual to overcome distressing thoughts, feelings, or behaviors - which drugs cannot eliminate. In other words, psychotherapy assists when problems are too difficult to bear or too deep seated to be solved by conventional means.

Whether the problem is difficulties in a marriage which have been longstanding, or coping with a phobia, or other forms of neurosis, or simply a feeling of being unfulfilled or unhappy; psychotherapists see symptoms such as anxiety, tension, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, and depression as a sign of some form of inner disharmony.

Anybody with personal, emotional or behavioural problems could benefit from psychotherapy. Depression, tension, insomnia, stress, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and irrational fears may all be symptoms of psychological problems which could be eliminated by psychotherapy. In addition to these, many physical ailments such as longstanding dermatological (skin) conditions, angina, and stomach ulcers may be related to emotional stress and inner conflicts that psychotherapy can help.

It must also be said that psychotherapy is not just for the sick and troubled - many people simply desire to find out more about themselves, to enable them to enrich their lives, and improve relationships.

At the MindTherapy Clinic we strive to provide a total mental healthcare remedy to our clients. Our team of dedicated mental healthcare professionals are geared to help you overcome mental health problems in total confidence and with the utmost care for your peace of mind.

At the MindTherapy Clinic hundreds of patients have been remedied and relieved of their mental and behavoural problems, and will vouch for the success of their treatment and well-being they enjoy thereafter.

In conclusion, I wish to summarize our mission at the MindTherapy Clinic as - Providing mental care & remedy - for Peace of Mind, Happiness, and Contentment.

Prof. Erantha De Mel Ph.D (Psy)., D.Sc.

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